Bára’s busy month of December

  • being © Aëla Labbé

Bára is closing off the second half of the year – after past performances in Amsterdam, Potsdam en Istanbul – with a  nicely filled month of December. >The Lover< can be seen at >kunstencentrum NONA< (Mechelen, BE) on December 6th. >being< goes to >Theater Kikker< (Utrecht, NL) on December 7th >STUK< (Leuven, BE) on December 11th & 12th, where it plays on the same evening as RULE OF THREE of Jan Martens. For >TIDE<, Bára and Eivind travel to Dubai (UAE), where the performance plays >Sima Performing Arts Studio<. In the afternoon a movement workshop led by Bára takes place in the same venue.

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