BOUGE B lockdown edition

The lockdown edition of BOUGE B – co-curated by Jan Martens – runs from March 18 till 21. With online work by Jan Fedinger, Anne-Lise Brevers and Siska Baeck & Maya Callaert – and at deSingel itself an installation work by Karel Burssens.

More on SHY WORKS (Anne-Lise Brevers), not yet almost there (Siska Baeck & Maya Callaert) and land[e]scapes 4 (Jan Fedinger) via More on Untitled (Currents) (Karel Burssens) via

Would have also been part of the live BOUGE B program (if it weren’t for covid): Anne-Lene Nö, Baptiste Cazaux, Femke Gyselinck and GRIP artists Steven Michel, Bára Sigfúsdóttir (together w/ Eivind Lønning), Michele Rizzo and Cherish Menzo.

A big thank you to the deSingel and its entire team for making this happen!

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