film interpretation ‘any attempt…’ selected for het theaterfestival

  • © still film

The film interpretation of >any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones< is part of Het TheaterFestival 2021-program (in the #specialhonours category) – which celebrates the most remarkable productions from the past season. Lukas Dhont focused his camera on Jan Martens’ production, filmed at DE SINGEL and produced by GRIP in collaboration with Dance On Ensemble.

From the jury report: “Dhont did not make a dry registration, but a very clever dance film that lifts the already powerful dance performance by Jan Martens to an extra level. He had already proved in Girl […] that he can capture dance particularly well on film. His ‘interpretation’ of Any Attempt… is no less impressive, even though it was filmed in deSingel in scarcely three days.

On September 6th, the film will be shown in a cinema setting at De Studio in Antwerp. It is a one-off, so make sure to book your ticket(s) in time at >Het TheaterFestival’s website<.

The film was made possible with the support of the Flemish cultural activities grant.

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