GRIP welcomes Cherish Menzo

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update 12.03.2020 – due to the COVID-19 situation, Jezebel in CAMPO [March 19th] and at Festival Cement [March 20th & 21st] & Motel Mozaïque [April 18th] has been cancelled. Thanks for your understanding!  

GRIP is happy to have Cherish Menzo on board from now on, starting with the international distribution of Jezebel, a work by and with Cherish Menzo. It does so together with Frascati Productions, co-producer of the work. Menzo previously appeared in THE DOG DAYS ARE OVER by Jan Martens, and is also part of the cast for any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones (premiere in April 2020).

Jezebel is a dance performance inspired by Video Vixens: challenging female models who appeared in hip-hop video clips at the end of the 90s.  Jezebel refuses to be defined by others. She navigates through the landscape of hip-hop culture and looks for ways to claim her image herself. Can Jezebel deconstruct the controversial stereotype associated with black hip-hop honey? How does this video-girl redefine herself in the year 2019?

Next dates:
19.03.2020 campo GHENT BE [cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation]
21.03.2020 cement festival DEN BOSCH NL [cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation]
22.03.2020 cement festival DEN BOSCH NL [cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation]
18.04.2020 motel mozaïque ROTTERDAM NL [cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation]
20.05.2020 take me somwehere fest GLASGOW UK

More dates will follow shortly.

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