Premiere lostmovements in Antwerp

  • © Raymond Mallentjer

Jan Martens en Marc Vanrunxt present > lostmovements <, a solo for Jan.

For lostmovements they delve into their own vocabulary, and get inspired by the greats from past and present times: choreographers, composers and other role models. lostmovements is een overgave aan de muziek, aan het materiaal, en aan elkaar. Een ongegeneerd opgaan in het universum van de ander. lostmovements is surrendering onself to the music, to the material, and to each other. Getting fully absorbed into the universe of the other.

lostmovements has its premiere in deSingel in Antwerp on Jan 30-31 jan + Feb 1, and leaves on tour shortly after. The Dutch premiere will be on Feb 12 at ITA/Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

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