festival le grand bain

26.03.2018 - 27.03.2018

At GRIP evenings during Festival Le Grand Bain in Roubaix (FR) you can see multiple productions by Jan Martens:

  • 26.03.2018 + 27.03.2018


GRIP evenings are combined events at which the work of several GRIP artists can be seen at once. Each of these curated evenings is a close collaboration between GRIP and a theatre in Belgium or abroad. It can go from a double bill consisting of two short works by two GRIP makers via a two-day event with several performances by Jan Martens to a series of GRIP evenings where the work of all GRIP artists can be seen, occasionally complemented with installations, dance films and performances by related artists.
  • BIS © Anna van Kooij

  • ODE TO THE ATTEMPT © Bruno Simão

  • RULE OF THREE © Joeri Thiry / STUK Leuven

    RULE OF THREE © Joeri Thiry / STUK Leuven