Femke Gyselinck

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Femke Gyselinck (b. 1983 in Belgium) is a dancer and choreographer. After graduating from P.A.R.T.S. in 2006, she worked as a freelance dancer with, among others, Eleanor Bauer, Andros Zins-Browne and Esther Venrooy. She worked for nine years as an artistic assistant to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas and is part of the P.A.R.T.S. faculty.

In her own work, Femke explores a dance language that is intricately interwoven with music, combining a brave performativity with subdued expression.

  • Flamer (2018), a duet with brother and musician Lander, known for work on drums (with, among others, STUFF. and LABtrio).
  • Lachrimae or Seven Teares (2018), a collaboration with Romina Lischka & the Hathor Consort, to the music of John Dowland & Annelies Van Parys.
  • L’écho du Danube (2018), a collaboration with Romina Lischka & the Hathor Consort, to the music of Johannes Schenck.
  • Pigmalion (2019), a miniature opera, a collaboration with dancers Bryana Fritz & Jasmin Gins Posada, set to live music by Apotheosis conducted by Korneel Bernolet.
  • ERATO (2019), a short and intimate solo, set to the music of Palmistry, Gwilym Gold & Hiatus Kaiyote.
  • Moving Ballads (2020), set to music composed by Hendrik Lasure, performed by Bryana Fritz, Hendrik Lasure, Sue-Yeon Youn & Femke herself.
  • Letters 2 Dance (2022), a choreographic translation of Gymnastics of the Mind(2020), a research based on the book ABECEDA (1926).
  • Change of Plans (2023), a musical dance performance co-produced by GRIP and Platform-K, in which Femke shares the stage with dancers Zanne Boon and Oskar Stalpaert and musician-composers Hendrik Lasure and Adia Vanheerentals.

Femke enjoys tapping into the creativity of others and is inspired by requests to collaborate from artists in theatre, dance and music.

  • Choreographies for the following music performances: Court of Choice part I: PLAY(2019) and Court of Choice part II: ENTRE-CÔTES (2021), by Liesa Van der Aa & One Trick Pony
  • Choreography for Faust Szenen (2022), an opera directed by Julian Rosefeldt, an Opera Vlaanderen & Montpellier Opera production.
  • A project week with the dancers of Weld Company, Stockholm (2022) working from the sci-fi poem Aniara (1956) by Harry Martinson.
  • Choreographic advice for Analoog (2022), a theatre performance by Louis Janssens & Willem de Wolf (De HOE).

Femke Gyselinck is one of GRIP’s artistic leaders. GRIP is a dance organization led by choreographers Jan Martens, Cherish Menzo, Steven Michel and Femke herself.

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