#verbeeldingwerkt (imagination works)

We, artists and culture workers, create a vibrant offer that is praised abroad for its creativity and inventiveness. This is how we give substance to the Flemish slogan ‘Verbeelding werkt’ (imagination works). We live up to that slogan.

This wealth is now at risk of being lost: a deterioration of the landscape is looming around the corner if the government does not intervene today. Without an extra effort, a lot is in danger of being lost; in the current scenario, 1/4 of the existing arts organisations would disappear and long-term investments would be undone.

Together with our audience, we ask the Flemish government to take its share of the responsibility. We ask them to translate the Flemish government’s slogan ‘Verbeelding werkt / Imagination works’ into action. We ask for workable budgets and sustainable investments. Raise the budgets for the arts. From 0.27% to 0.35% of the Flemish total budget.

Because imagination works, indeed. And we, in turn, work hard for it. Every day, with heart and soul. And we want to keep doing so.

Sign via www.verbeeldingwerkt.be